Another Tear Falls

Throughout my singing career I’ve always tried to use the best backing tracks available. Most of them aren’t great, which is why I’ll try and make my own. There’s also not that many Scott Walker & Walker Brothers backing tracks around and most are of their songs are heavily orchestrated, which can be a bit of a challenge. My first attempt at this was a few years ago for a gig with Gary Walker, which I hurriedly put together and listening back it sounds dreadful.

So, this is my recreated version of the Walker Brothers classic ‘Another Tear Falls’. I couldn’t find any transcribed copies of the orchestral parts, so had to work out each individual instrument to make it sound as authentic as possible to the original, then reproduce that huge sound stage with plated reverbs. Scott knew how to recreate the big Phil Spector-style ‘Wall of Sound‘, which was really popular at the time and used the best sound engineers, reverberation units and echo chambers available (a tiled bare room with a microphone) to get that big echoey sound we know and love.  Not quite the same technique using a laptop with some orchestra samples, a couple of guitars and a mic, but I hope it’s a decent enough effort and sounds authentic enough. I also hope I get the opportunity to sing it live soon as part of my ‘Swing’n’Sixties tribute show’.


I’d like to dedicate this to The Walker Sisters to say thank you for their recent invitation to sing for them once again.

Thanks for listening,

Mikey xx

Songwriters: Hal David / Burt Bacharach

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