Mathew Street

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to see my Michael Buble tribute on Sunday on the Superlambanana stage on Tithebarn Street. Although I was my usual nervous self, after a few minutes on stage I knew i was in good company. It was so strange that fifteen minutes earlier, I was doing a soundcheck with a trickle of people waiting with their brollies up, then when I reappeared on stage, the sun was out and so was the rest of Liverpool by the looks of it!

Also another huge THANK YOU to Gary Murphy and his band. They performed brilliantly considering they tried to recreate the Buble’s sound with just four instruments and no click tracks I’ll have you know! Everyone was singing and clapping along and it will definitely be one I look back on as a major highlight of my singing career.

I hope to do it again next year and to see you all there making the sun come out once again!



Mikey Powell Sings The Legends | Michael Buble and crooner legends tribute show

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Mikey Powell Sings The Legends