Love is a Many Splendored Thing

I’ve haven’t sang for a year, so it’s been hard to pick up the microphone again after so long. It feels weird and I wasn’t sure if my voice was still there, but I wanted to record a new song to commemorate ten years since my mum’s passing. I can’t believe it’s been that long […]

Matt Monro Tribute – This Is The Life

Another one of me faves, Mr Matt Monro. I love singing Matt’s stuff and this is one I recorded in one take back in 2012. I posted it on to YouTube where it’s had over 3,400 views and lots of nice compliments.

My Matt tribute always features as part of my crooner legends tribute show. I hope I do him some justice.

Thanks for listening and hope it sounds okay.

Mikey Powell x

Swing Singer & Crooner Legends Tribute Sings Matt Monro