Another Tear Falls

Throughout my singing career I’ve always tried to use the best backing tracks available. Most of them aren’t great, which is why I’ll try and make my own. There’s also not that many Scott Walker & Walker Brothers backing tracks around and most are of their songs are heavily orchestrated, which can be a bit […]

It’s Raining Today

Like so many I’m sure, I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Scott’s passing. His music really did change my life and inspired me to become a singer. By the time I appeared on Stars in their Eyes, I thought I was the only one still listening. He was a rediscovery that connected […]

Scott Walker Tribute – Joanna

Another one of my Scott Walker tributes with the 6os classic ‘Joanna’. While credited to Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent it appears that Scott wrote some lyrics to the song.

I hope it sounds okay and thanks for listening.

Mikeyp xx

What Would I Be

A very short clip of Scott singing Jackie Trent’s ‘What Would I Be’ on a British TV programme back in the 60s. I’m not sure what the name of the programme was so maybe someone can enlighten me – Possibly ‘Mr & Mrs Music’ or ‘Words and Music’?  – I wasn’t around at the time so […]

Not Scott?

It’s strange to think that someone was listening to one of my tributes, then shared it on the original artists fan page where other fans add likes and comments without realising it wasn’t who they thought it was. A Scott Walker fan recently posted one of my videos on his fan page thinking it was The Walker Brothers. It was […]