The other side of Covid-19

It’s hard to believe my last show was in February, and since lockdown began and cancellations started coming in thick and fast, I haven’t felt much enthusiasm for live video streaming, or even recording something to keep my name out there. Even before coronavirus arrived, I was already struggling with venue closures, cancellations, dwindling audiences and the general cheapening and undervalued live entertainment industry, but COVID-feckin-19 finally put it out of its misery, and I’m struggling to see how it will ever recover from this. 

As lockdown restrictions ease and the world attempts to find some sort of normality again, any venues that have managed to survive the pandemic will start to reopen, but live entertainment will be the least of their priorities, and with that in mind, it’s impossible to look forward when looking at an empty diary. The only consolation is knowing so many others are in the same boat, but that’s no comfort.

I’ve actually managed to stay afloat through my friends who’ve kindly given me graphics work throughout lockdown. I know others haven’t been as fortunate and I’d’ve been truly screwed without their help and support. Even though I’m feeling pretty low at the moment, I also feel lucky to have the friends I do and the opportunities they’ve given me. I will forever be grateful.

In times like these, It’s also hard not to reflect and think back at riding upon the crest of a wave, singing at least three times a week in the most amazing places all over the UK with a full diary and loving every moment, where even a bad gig would now feel like a gift from the gods. At least I was out and making a living. But all that seems like such a long time ago and the world has changed so much since then. I always said I couldn’t imagine singing at 50, and wether I like it or not, I was right!

If anything has come out of this calamitous shitshow, it would be a realisation that the simple things in life are the most important and spending time with friends and loved ones equally so. Also to know I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the industry when it was thriving and had such an amazing experience, sang in so many beautiful places, met so many amazing people along the way and wish I could do it all again.

Thank you xx

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