David Bowie Tribute Night – Classic Double Band Camp & Furnace Liverpool

David Bowie Tribute Liverpool

In December, I decided to record a version of David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s ‘Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy’ as a way of trying to feel more ‘festive’, being a person who loathes the run-up and chaos to Christmas. It was also a way of trying to make up for the cancellations and lack of gigs I had in what was supposed to be my busiest period, now I’m not doing the ‘Buble thing’ anymore. Luckily though, it was warmly received and I was overwhelmed by the response it had, even from extremely critical Bowie fans, not just being kind, but genuinely loving it.

Then, out of the blue popped a message asking if I would be interested in doing a Bowie Birthday show at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool. Joel Goldberg is the bass player of the Classic Double Band who performs a different tribute every month, and me being a huge Bowie fan, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Then the reality set in that I wasn’t 25 and Bowie’s early 70s vocal acrobatics would be a bit of a challenge for my 52-year-old vocal cords, but with a bit of practice would resurface in the car.

And in my usual ‘I’ve got a really important gig coming up and I bet a get a cold’, a few days before the show I started feeling lousy and knew I was in trouble knowing that our first rehearsal was two days before the show. Dosed up on every cold remedy known to man I got through the rehearsal and blasted out my best Ziggy Stardust and thought I’d be okay. The next day I couldn’t even talk and knew I’d pushed things a bit too much and had to rest my voice, losing a full day’s rehearsal with the band.

Luckily we had some time to go through some songs before the show and test out my sore throat, which didn’t sound as bad as I was dreading, but still worried it wouldn’t last the night knowing all the big songs I had to do. Luckily for me, and the audience, I somehow got through it, even though I couldn’t hear myself through the monitors, the show seemed to go really well and I got to sing some of my favourite songs with some great musicians and pay tribute to the Starman. Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mr Bowie. We miss you. xxx


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