Just to say a huge THANK YOU to all who came to see the Sexbomb show last night at the New Brighton Floral Pavilion. We had the place bouncing… Not bad for a Wednesday night!

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The Sexbomb show featured myself and Danny Roman as Tom Jones, who I’m assuming is the reference to the Sexbomb!

The Floral holds great memories for me. It was the first theatre show I ever did after appearing on Stars in their Eyes back in 2002 – singing alongside fellow-Liverpudlian and Stars In Their Eyes winner – the late, great Bernie Wenton as Nat King Cole, and my good friend Danny Roman. Even after all this time the crowd were fantastic once again, dancing and singing all night with lots of knickers being thrown too!

Many thanks to the Gary Murphy band, who for a four-piece, made it sound more like a full orchestra… with no ‘click tracks’!

Gigs like this remind me of why I love my job.

Mikeyp x



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