It’s Raining Today

Like so many I’m sure, I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Scott’s passing. His music really did change my life and inspired me to become a singer. By the time I appeared on Stars in their Eyes, I thought I was the only one still listening. He was a rediscovery that connected me to a world of the past, even before I was around, and I felt as though I’d unearthed a forgotten treasure.

To say I was obsessed is an understatement – That warm, deep voice that’d travelled so well through time, like Van Gogh’s brush strokes as fresh as the day they were painted, time was completely stripped away and I lived in his 60s soundscapes surrounded by the same grotesque characters.

I didn’t know what happened to him after the 70s when the Walker Brothers disbanded again, or why he became a recluse, but the mystery was definitely part of the appeal. How can someone so talented choose to shy away from their art, especially when they were so good at it. This was some of the best music I’d ever heard and I desperately felt as though I had to do something to keep his memory alive by making myself look like a total idiot on the telly, and even feeling concerned for his well-being – wondering what his life was like after giving it all up; living alone on a darkened moor in the middle of nowhere… as my imagination would paint it anyway.

As we all now know, he’d not been forgotten at all. His work is now so highly prized and his influence felt by so many that I now feel part of something very special. It’s also a real pleasure to know that even my tribute show has helped others connect or rediscover his music through the countless times someone has thanked me for singing his songs – it’s lovely to know his legacy continues to grow and his memory still lives on through us all in whichever way we choose to remember him.

Recently I’ve been working on some ambient soundscapes for my video work under the alias TheUnifiedField and created an ethereal and cinematic version of ‘It’s Raining Today’ as a little tribute to Scott. Thanks for listening.

Mikey xx


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