Being a graphic designer and photographer by trade I’ve always helped to promote others with their products and services but I’ve never been so great at promoting myself…

I’ve always struggled with self-doubt. It’s dogged me since I can remember but I’ve always fought to try and overcome it. Since I started singing back in 2002 I’ve had to sell myself and my show as a credible choice to clients looking for the best entertainment for their party or event. I like to think that I’ve promoted myself honestly and hopefully exceeded expectations. I’ve never been one to big myself up or used delusional false accolades and I’ve always based my success on the feedback from other people.

I heavily rely on my website to help promote my show and to showcase myself to potential clients and if this isn’t working then neither am I. Recently my site was infected with a malware virus and I was contacted by Google (on Christmas day) to tell me it was being removed until it was fixed. I spent the Christmas break frantically trying to rebuild it from scratch. Two weeks later it was reinfected again and removed from Google once more. Since it was reinstated my site has struggled to gain the same ranking position it had previously and this has really affected my bookings this year.

Being self-employed this is a very worrying prospect. I’ve spent months trying to get my site back to where it was before it was destroyed but this is proving difficult for me. It’s been a huge learning curve as well as seeing how others promote themselves too. Success now seems to be measured by Google rankings with so many people trying to stand out from the rest. Selling yourself as the product takes a lot of self-belief but how can you sell a product if you don’t believe in it yourself…? Being a bit of a perfectionist I always see the flaws in the photographs and hear the bum notes in the songs. I’ve also been advised to make some videos to help with my website but I’d just think I look and sound terrible. Am I the same as everyone else doing this…?

I know that not believing in myself will get me nowhere because if I don’t no one else will neither. I’ll have to try and overcome these issues so I can help promote my show and start to fill my diary again. I hope this will help me see myself as my clients do and challenge me once again to be the best I can be. I also hope it inspires others who may have similar doubts to try and overcome them too.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Mikeyp x

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