The Lyndene

It seems that nothing will be more satisfying for a singer than singing without any coughs or sniffles and knowing your voice is on form especially if you’ve got a few great songs to sing – It can be one of the best feelings in the world, but it all means nothing without one key element…

A great audience.

One of the highlights of my singing calendar is a regular slot at – what seems to be a legend in it’s own right – The Lyndene Hotel in Blackpool. Every night of the year they have entertainment on offer… not just one act but three! and sometimes four in holiday season!! Lots of holiday-makers from all over the UK flock to this great Blackpool establishment for a warm welcome (even if the weather isn’t so) and the endless entertainment on offer is the key to their success. It’s an old school formula that still works and one I miss so much now clubland seems to be another thing of the past.

Most singers like myself need to adapt to the changing and challenging times but the Lyndene doesn’t have to. The entertainment follows the bingo after the resident keyboardist lures couples onto the dancefloor for the Last Waltz but the Lyndene continues to party on.

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Mikey Powell Sings The Legends