Don’t believe the hype

There seems to be lots of deluded claims by tribute artists trying to promote themselves as ‘the UK’s – Europe’s – World’s – Universe’s – No.1 – Ultimate – I kid you not tribute’ to whoever! Look for a tribute artist on google and you’ll see it for yourself… It’s all getting a bit out of hand – and yes, I’m sure they are the best in their own heads but there’s no actual governing body or institution to rank such things allowing them the freedom to make up their own awards.

What’s even worse is some artists are also being tricked by some desperate online agencies. In an attempt to get tribute artist profiles on their site, they sell it as a competition where they can be the best tribute act etc. – It’s a load of bollocks, it means nothing and shouldn’t be believed by anyone with any intelligence.

Being part of it all myself, I can understand the need of self-promotion but do potential customers actually believe these claims anyway? A lawyer can’t call themselves ‘the best in the UK’ because they win cases or a teacher can’t say they’re ‘the best teacher in the world’ because they’re great at teaching maths.. They’d all be brought to book for such claims and I think the same should go for anyone. Michael Buble doesn’t claim to be the best singer in the world – by what measure? ..I’m sure his mum and dad think he is, as well as millions of adoring fans but it doesn’t mean he can promote himself as ‘the best’. Ultimately the proof should lie in feedback from others and not from the artist who’s deluded in believing their own conceited boasts or false accolades.

We all have good and bad days like in any other profession but the only people who can decide if you’re great at what you do are clients, and in my case, the audience on the night. Anything else is not worth believing.

Personally, I’ve never knowingly under-Buble’d 😉

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